Address of Vietnam Embassy in Chile – Dirección de la Embajada de Vietnam en Chile

The information about Vietnam Embassy in Santiago, Chile and the guidance on how to apply for Vietnam visa from Chile for the applicants who are staying or residing here. It also instructs people getting a tourist or business visa to Vietnam within 36 hours or even 2 hours.

Vietnam visa for Chilean citizens – Visa de Vietnam para ciudadanos chilenos

Visa-free travel between Vietnam and Chile – Exención de visado entre Vietnam y Chile

Vietnam visa fee for Chile citizens – Tarifa de visa de Vietnam para ciudadanos de Chile

Vietnam Embassy in Chile functions as a bridge between the Vietnamese Government and its counterpart in Chile. It is also the place where Chilean citizens and residents can visit to apply for a visa to Vietnam.

Embassy of Vietnam in Santiago, Chile

Address: 2751 Eliodoro Yanez, Providencia, Santiago Chile
Tel: (562) 244 3633 (562) 244 3755
Fax: (562) 356 6564

Address of Vietnam Embassy in Chile - Dirección de la Embajada de Vietnam en Chile


From Chile, you may get a Vietnam visa through the above Embassy of Vietnam in Chile or apply for Vietnam visa online (for air travel only) then get the visa stamped at arrival airports. Vietnam visa on arrival is made available to avoid the complicated procedures with the local embassy.

The very best things to have with the service are the 100% hassle free procedures at low service fee and the visa will be granted to the applicants without presenting the original passport at the time of making a visa application. The processing time will take a maximum of 48 hours to issue an approval letter or of 2 hours if you are in hurry.

If you are citizen of other countries but currently residing in Chile, please check to make sure if you are required a valid visa for Vietnam and how to apply for a visa from your place.

DescriptionVietnam visa on arrivalVietnam visa at embassy
Pros– No need to send your original passport away
– Taking only a short time to apply for a visa online, what you need is just an internet connected computer or smart phone
– No dealing with immigration authorities. No hidden charge or extra fee
Especially beneficial for those who are staying far away from available Vietnam Embassy
– Having visa already stamped onto your passport before getting on plane
– Dealing directly with Vietnam Embassy in Chile
Cons– Queuing in front of Vietnam Immigration Counter at arrival airport to have visa stamp
– The applicants couldn’t apply for a visa by themselves but must go through authorized visa agency in Vietnam
– Applicable for those who travel Vietnam by air only
– Parting with your original passport
– Having to go to the nearest embassy or consulate or sending documents by mail
– Taking a long time to process a visa with 2 times visiting the embassy at least

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