Guideline to get Rush Vietnam Visa in Venezuela 2020

Venezuelan passport holders do need a Vietnam Visa if they want to enter Vietnam for any purposes. In some situation, they do not prepare a Vietnam visa in time, so there is only a solution: they can get Rush Vietnam Visa in Venezuela.

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TIP: How to get Vietnam visa in Venezuela

Information about Vietnam visa fee in Venezuela

Entry Requirements when applying for your Vietnam Visa?

Who need to get rush Vietnam Visa in Venezuela?

Although you can apply for a Vietnam Visa in normal case with 2 working days, but sometime you will need a Rush Vietnam Visa in Venezuela, so who need this?

– The travelers are not exempted from Vietnam Visa but they do not remember to obtain for visa before arriving this country.

– The Venezuelan travelers who thought they can get Visa On Arrival at the airport but they do not have any pre-approved paperwork.

– People who has urgent business in Vietnam and do not have time to apply for visa.

– Venezuelan citizens who need to attend immediately family member event.

How long does Rush Vietnam Visa in Venezuela take?


Rush Vietnam Visa in Venezuela can only be available when you apply for Visa On Arrival. Vietnam Visa On Arrival is widely used for people who live far away from the Vietnam Embassy and DON’T want to get unwanted troubles, such as losing the important document (as passport, money…) via communicating mail or traffic jam once visiting Vietnam Embassy in Venezuela,…

By applying Vietnam Visa online, you can choose extra services accompanied to support you save time and acquire a lot of comforts in your trip. as FAST TRACK, CAR PICK UP, BOOKING HOTEL,… some extra services are available.

With the stable, quick and punctual service, you will receive a visa approval in time via email to board the plane and pick up actual Vietnam visa on arrival at any international airports in Vietnam (include Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh). There are 3 kinds of processing time for you to choose:

4-hour visa processing: You will be guaranteed to receive the approval letter by email in 4 to 8 working hours. Submitting from 15:00 PM every day from Monday to Friday or on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the process will be in the next business day.

30 minutes to 1-hour visa processing: In overall, the processes of 3 types are similar, in this case it only takes 30 minutes to 1 working hour based on the Immigration Department. This service is available from 9:30 AM to 11: 00 AM in morning and 14:30 PM to 15:00 PM in afternoon, from Monday to 3:00 PM Friday depending on how rush you need. You should call visa agent hotline to confirm that the application has been received and acknowledged to process.

Immediately service case in Time off, Sat, Sun or Holidays: Embassy and visa agent do not work in this time, so in case you have a flight these day, you need to choose this kind of service. After you pay for fee, a guarantee letter around 30 minutes to 1 hour. At the airport, our associate will obtain the visa for you before your arrival. You should call visa agent hotline to confirm that the application has been received and acknowledged to process.

How much does Rush Vietnam Visa in Venezuela cost?


4-hour visa processing: This kind of service will make you pay the extra charge from $18 to $49 per person and extra a stamping fee.

30 minutes to 1-hour visa processing: Fee for the extra charge is from $49 to $100 per person, more over you need to pay for stamping fee at the airports.

Immediately service case in Time off, Sat, Sun or Holidays: the extra charge is a little expensive than normal fee, from 180 USD to 270 USD per person, airport fast track fee and visa stamping fee in this case (details flight is required).

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