New Update: Vietnam visa requirements for Venezuela citizens

Do Venezuelan citizens need a visa to Vietnam?

We would like to inform that Venezuela passport holders need to apply for Vietnam visa before visit Vietnam. There are 2 main ways for you to get Vietnam visa…

We would like to inform that Venezuela passport holders need to apply for Vietnam visa before visit Vietnam.

Venezuela passport image

Venezuela passport image

How to get Vietnam visa in Venezuela?

There are 2 main ways for you to get Vietnam visa in Venezuela:

1. Apply online to get your visa

a. At your arrival airport in Vietnam:
This is regarded as the fastest and easiest way for an air traveler to be granted a Vietnam visa. Using visa on arrival service from our website, you can receive the approval letter (issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department) to get Vietnam visa within 1 working day for normal service or just 2-3 working or non-working hours for rush service.
To apply, please follow the 4 simple steps below:

– Click here to fill in the required information.
– Make payment (for the service fee) via PayPal, credit card, Western Union or Bank transfer.
– Receive your approval letter from our email within 1 working day (normal service) or within required time (often from 2 to 9 hours depending on how rush your visa is).
– When you arrive at a Vietnam international airport, please present the approval letter, your passport, 2 passport photos (4×6 cm or 2×2 inches) and pay stamping fee to get your Vietnam visa.

b. At a Vietnam embassy or Vietnam consulate:
If you would like to get your visa at a Vietnam embassy or Vietnam consulate in a faster way, you can use our “Embassy visa” service and you can apply online to get the approval letter from us, bring it to the Vietnam embassy/consulate, submit required documents, pay stamping fee and get your Vietnam visa. Please note that this approval letter is not available for those who travel by sea to Vietnam.

2. Contact a Vietnam embassy/consulate:
Please come in person to a nearest Vietnam embassy during business hours to apply for your visa. The visa procedure and visa fee may vary from embassy to embassy and it normally takes you at least 3 working days to get your Vietnam visa.


– Service fee: This is the Vietnam visa fee you pay us for arranging your approval letter.

– Stamping fee: This is the fee you pay in cash at your arrival airport to be granted a Vietnam visa.

– Your passport must be valid for at least six months.

Vietnamese Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela
Address: 9na Transversal, Entre 6ta y 7ma Avenidas, Quinta Las Mercedes,
Altamira, Chacao 1060-025 D.F,
Caracas, Venezuela
City: Caracas
Phone: (+58) 212-6357402
Fax: (+58) 212-2647324
Web Site:
Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 9.00am – 12 pm

More detail: How to get Vietnam visa from Venezuela?

2 thoughts on “New Update: Vietnam visa requirements for Venezuela citizens

  1. Good morning,
    I hope you are doing well. I have found a job in Vietnam and I am trying to get all the documents I need; due to this, I need the background check but I need the entity or organism it has to be directed at. What is this entity? I also need to translate these documents. Do you have any information of an official Spanish-Vietnamese translator? Besides that, I will arrive to Vietnam on the 21st of July and my passport expires on January 20th. Is this acceptable or will I have to get the visa at the embassy since it would not meet the 6 months requirement for 1 day?
    Buenos dias,
    espero se encuentren bien. Le escribo para solicitar información. He tratado de llamar y parece que está desconectado el telefono. He encontrado un trabajo en Vietnam y esto recaudando todos los documentos; para ellos necesito los antecedentes penales y traducir otros papeles. Por esta razón, tengo las siguientes preguntas:
    A quien deben ir dirigidos los antecedentes penales?
    Tienen el número y/o correo de algún traductor español-vietnamita que me podrían facilitar?
    Voy a llegar a Vietnam el 21 de Julio pero mi pasaporte se vence el 20 de Enero de 2020. Aceptarian mi pasaporte para la visa llegando al país o tendría que obtener la visa aquí en la embajada dado que mi pasaporte no cumpliria el requerimiento de los 6 meses por un día?
    Gracias de antemano,
    Amirey Sánchez.

    1. Dear Amirey
      Your purpose arrive Vietnam for working, you should contact your company in Vietnam to apply visa for you, the visa maybe longer or You can contact Embassy to apply for this case with all documents in hand. We can support visa 3months business for you max.

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