Vietnam visa fee for Bolivia citizens – Tarifa de visa de Vietnam para ciudadanos de Bolivia

The immigration regulation of Vietnam applied for Bolivia passport holders indicates Vietnam visa is required document for these citizens to be allowed to enter the country for any purpose. How about Vietnam visa fee for Bolivia citizens? The answer will be mentioned in the section.

Like citizens of other countries, citizens of Bolivia will be required to pay two separate fees when you request a Vietnam visa. The first one is visa approval fee that will be collected in advance by visa agent to process pre-approved Vietnam visa document for you. With a same visa type, approval fee for Bolivia citizens will be similar regardless you choose visa on arrival or visa code. Specifically, for a visa application, each Bolivia citizens should prepare USD for one month single entry visa, USD 17 for one month multiple entries visa, USD 25 for three month single entry visa or USD 50 for three month multiple entries visa.

Vietnam visa fee for Bolivia citizens - Tarifa de visa de Vietnam para ciudadanos de Bolivia

The second fee that Bolivia citizens should pay when requesting visa Vietnam is stamping fee. This is the fee to get official visa stamped onto your passport. For those Bolivians who apply for visa on arrival, stamping fee will be collected by immigration officer when you arrive Vietnam international airport. In this case, stamping fee is regulated by the Immigration Department of Vietnam with the amount of USD 25 per person for single entry visa, and USD 50 per person for multiple entries visa.

In contrast, if Bolivia citizens choose visa code, there is no general stamping fee because this fee is quoted separately by Vietnam Embassy in each country. With this visa option, visitors should contact staff working at Embassy ahead to make sure that you can prepare enough stamping fee before visiting there to pick up visa.

In order to request a visa Vietnam for Bolivia citizens, there are a two main steps that applicants should complete. For the first step, getting pre-approved visa, applicants can stay at home and spend a few minutes following these instructions:

Vietnam visa fee for Bolivia citizens - Tarifa de visa de Vietnam para ciudadanos de Bolivia
Vietnam visa fee 2018

–       Submitting visa application online

–       Paying visa fee by credit card or debit card

Within two business days since implementing the needful, applicants will received pre-approved visa sent to your email. Then, you can complete the remaining step of getting official visa at Vietnam Embassy if you choose visa code or at Vietnam airport upon your arrival if you choose visa on arrival

For further information about Vietnam visa fee for Bolivia citizens, please contact us via or hotline +84 968 18 77 18

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