Enjoy A Motorbike Tour To Vietnam Central Highlands

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Vietnam is always the ideal destination for every traveler all over the world. Some famous places like Hanoi, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang become quite familiar to domestic and foreign tourists. 

However, sometimes you may find it quite dull to visit these crowded places and desire to explore a new yet fascinating destination in Vietnam to make your trip much more exciting. 

If so, let’s start a new journey to Vietnam central highlands. I bet that it would be so great if you enjoy the trip on your motorbike.

Scroll down to have a thorough knowledge of this experience. 

Why Should You Start A Motorbike Tour To Vietnam Central Highlands?

It cannot be denied that traveling on a train, a bus, or a car is quite prevalent and comfortable at the same time.  However, I must emphasize that it is not suitable for those who love adventure, especially when traveling to the stunning Vietnam central highlands.  

Vietnam central highlands are famous for its magnificent natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere. What’s more, its winding roads surrounding mountains will definitely make a strong impression on any visitor. 

For this reason, it is highly recommended to start a Vietnam motorbike tour to this wonderful land, which promises to leave you a much deeper impression when you have a chance to view the scenes directly. 

What Is The Ideal Route For Your Vietnam Central Highlands Tour?

The quality of your trip depends much on the route you decide. Especially when you visit many places on your trip, make sure to choose your ideal and most comfortable route.

If you are from Ho Chi Minh City, you had better travel to Lam Dong first, then Dak Lak, Gia Lai, and finally Kon Tum.

On the contrary, go to Kon Tum first and Lam Dong last if you are from Hanoi.

Where Should We Visit In Vietnam Central Highlands?

Lam Dong

Da Lat is not a strange place for travelers when it comes to Lam Dong. Its cool climate is the first and foremost charm to everyone.  

For those who used to travel to Da Lat, do you notice the different and unique things? 

Well, there is no traffic light in Da Lat. Hence, you can feel free to ride your motorbike throughout its iconic roads. 

Roads in Da Lat
Roads in Da Lat

Situated on the ideal height of a plateau, Dalat is surrounded by evergreen pine forests with a cool climate all year round and many impressive Dalat Vietnam attractions. Visiting strawberry farms, Da Lat train station, or going for a walk in Xuan Huong Lake seems to be quite mundane. 

What I want you to do is to enjoy the serene atmosphere and spectacular scenery on your motorbike instead of the car. This is how a meaningful trip should be. 

Dak Lak

Dak Lak, especially Buon Ma Thuot, is the heaven of coffee that any coffee lover should not miss. Dak Lak is beautiful, indeed. Its beauty is the combination of a developed city and desert scenery.

Visiting the world coffee museum on your trip is a must on your vacation plan. Its elaborate architecture is what makes everybody acknowledge and admire. The delicate coffee scent will charm you to this place.   

The most natural place in Dak Lak must lie in the famous dazzling waterfalls, including Dray Nur, Dray Sap, and Krong Kmar waterfalls. Rugged mountains, unspoiled forests, and lakes seem to blend harmoniously to create a masterpiece of nature. Believe me and start unforgettable Vietnam motorbike tours to reach this perfect tourist destination and experience yourselves this utmost awesome feeling.

Besides, while traveling to Dak Lak, let’s take a chance to visit Buon Don and try riding an elephant. How can you ride an elephant in Nha Trang or Phu Quoc? Well, it is impossible, indeed. But in Dak Lak, you can.

Gia Lai

I always admire the structure of temples and pagodas in Vietnam, and Minh Thanh pagoda is an outstanding name. Once coming to this picturesque place, I bet that you will have dozens of stunning photos to show your friends on social media.

Also, visiting Chu Dang Ya volcano must be listed on your journey.  Why?

Let’s imagine that you are driving your motorbike around the mountain to visit Chu Dang Ya volcano. Suddenly, a whole new world opens up, capturing all your attention.

It would be the most fantastic experience that you have never had from anywhere.  

Chu Dang Ya volcano
Chu Dang Ya volcano

Of course, some food cannot be missed on your trip. Do not forget to charge your energy by eating “pho kho” and freshwater crab vermicelli, which are the specialty of Gia Lai.

Kon Tum

Last but not least, do not miss out on this dry yet romantic land. 

Kon Tum may not develop as much as those tourist sites above, but I believe that it will leave you a unique impression. 

Kon Tum is famous for Mang Den, which is often called the second Da Lat. Do you know why we call that?

Coming to Mang Den, you will be impressed by its cold weather and pine forest, which are similar to Da Lat.

Some people say that once you have come to Da Lat, Mang Den will not be interesting anymore. However, I’m afraid I have to disagree with that. Mang Den gives off a peaceful and comfortable vibe, unlike the crowded Da Lat City.

Besides, you should visit the unique wooden church of Kon Tum. You will definitely say “wow” when first seeing its architecture design. What is more, another destination that you don’t want to miss on this Vietnam central highlands tour is Kon Klor chain-bridge. 

Kon Klor chain-bridge
Kon Klor chain-bridge

Final Words

Vietnam central highlands are indeed the special destinations circled by hills and mountains. These lands are so thrilling that every travel-enthusiast must travel and conquer. 

Now, it’s time for you to explore how breathtaking Vietnam central highlands are on your motorbike! I believe that you will be delighted with this unforgettable trip.


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