Great Vietnam Motorcycle Tours From Hue To Hoi An

Hue City – a place with a long history of culture on the romantic Perfume River, Hoi An ancient with the steps of thinking green moss. These are two travel destinations that everyone probably wants to come once in life. Today, our company, Vietnam Motorbike Tours will give you some information about two beautiful destinations: Hue and Hoi An. The article will provide the motorbike offroad tour for people who want to visit Hue and then go to Hoi An.

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1. Going to Hue in Great Vietnam Motorcycle Tours From Hue To Hoi An

Moving from Danang to Hue is not great by way of Hai Van pass to see the bay. Through Hue, you run along the QL49B coastal road through Cau Hai lagoon, Thuy Tu lagoon, Sam lagoon, Thanh Lam lagoon to Thuan An beach. The road is quite interesting because the most characteristic of the people of Hue is here. The road is small but empty and always shady by two rows of trees along the road. The vast rice fields, large lagoons or nesting houses will make you surprised.

To Hue, you can visit places near the city such as Thien Mu Pagoda, Khai Dinh Tomb, etc. One of the experiences which is not forgettable when coming to Hue is to follow the Huong River to Tam Giang Lagoon. The picture of the countryside is peace in the afternoon with the buffalo dipped in the river, hundreds of ducks flock back to the cage. You will not forget the sunset on the Tam Giang lagoon if you have a chance to look at it.

Thien Mu Pagoda: Situated on Ha Khe hill, on the left of the Huong River, about 5 km west of Hue city, Thien Mu pagoda is a famous spiritual destination of Hue. Along with the beautiful and ancient architecture, the mystical spiritual stories about the temple attracted the curiosity of tourists.

Perfume River: Perfume River is a large river flowing through the heart of Hue City, it is famous for its poetic beauty. Perfume River is not only beautiful but it is also fragrant. Perfume River is not long, the whole river is only 100 km. The main river is about 30 km long that flow the center of Hue. Perfume River is closely associated with the cultural life of Hue people. Traditional cultural activities such as listening to Hue on the river, boat racing, dropping lights, etc are still preserved intact. Perfume River is also associated with poetry and music. Many poems, paintings, and many famous songs took the river as a source of inspiration.

Hue at night is so peaceful. You can also enjoy Hue typical cuisine such as steamed rice, cake, tea, etc. Especially, Hue is famous for “che”, a sweet taste. Moreover, you can try “Bun Bo Hue”, an excellent in Hue cuisine. People in Hue is friendly, too, they always help the tourists to find the destination way.

2. Going to Hoi An in Great Vietnam Motorcycle Tours From Hue To Hoi An

Starting from Hue, about 126 km from Hoi An and only one route along the National Highway 1A, you can arrive in Hoi An. Hoi An ancient town has attracted many visitors all over the region because of the romantic and ancient beauty. Hoi An has many famous places to visit:

Bridge Pagoda

Bridge Pagoda is considered as a pearl in the heart of Hoi An. The bridge was built in the late 16th century and is also known with another name “Japanese Bridge”. In the middle of the bridge, there is a small temple for the Great Emperor. The structure of this bridge is quite unique and special. It is decorated among the combination of Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and Western architectural styles.

Museum of History – Culture

It is founded in 1989, the museum displays 212 original artifacts and valuable materials in pottery, porcelain, bronze, paper, wood, etc. It is reflecting the stages of urban development – the commercial port of Hoi An from the Sa Huynh (from the 2nd century AD) to the Cham culture (from the 2nd to 15th centuries) and the Dai Viet culture, and the last Dai Nam (from the 15th to the 19th centuries).

At night you can walk around the Hoi An town, watching the lanterns with many colorful embellish Hoi An at night. Especially on the full moon, you will be dropping lights on the romantic Hoai River. Hoi An lanterns are made quite beautiful, light. If you want to buy gifts for your family and your friends, it is suitable for you to buy as souvenirs. The cuisine of Hoi An is also very diverse with many delicious dishes such as corn “che”, rice crackers, Quang noodles, pancakes. Travelling Hoi An, you will have a lot of unforgettable memories.

You can get your clothes today and set off for the Hue – Hoi An tour involvement in your own specific manner, strolling individually feet, investigating different corners of your life. Ideally, the above-mentioned data will be helpful for your outing to investigate both of Hue and Hoi An. To get more points of interest for your offroad motorbike trips, we believe that you will not waste your time. With the expert staffs and the sensible offroad travel visits, our groups, Vietnam Motorbike Tours will give you the best quality, most secure and the most reasonable administrations.

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