How To Enjoy The Most Exciting Motorcycle Tours In Vietnam

Do you have an adventurous wanderlust? Have you tried starting motorcycle tours in Vietnam instead of the car, bus, or train yet?

A motorcycle adventure offers more appealing things than you can imagine, including getting rid of being carsick, taking the initiative during your trip, and stopping anywhere you want. Once you go on a motorbike tour, I bet that you will never want to travel by car or by train anymore.

For these reasons above, why do you still hesitate without starting a journey on a motorbike now? It will be an excellent opportunity for you to challenge yourself to travel in a new way.

Are you longing to start the most exciting Vietnam motorcycle trips of a lifetime? Keep scrolling down to see more.

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What Should You Prepare For A Motorcycle Tour?

Your Backpack

Traveling by motorcycle requires you to prepare the backpack carefully. Why? I bet that you do not want to go with bulky things hanging on your motorbike. It will make you feel uncomfortable and tired of carrying too much. Hence, your trip will not be happy like you expect any more.  

You had better consider what to bring, including your clothes, snacks, water, medicine, etc. Remember to pack only vital things and put all of them in your backpack.


A perfect journey can be ruined easily by being intercepted on the way by the traffic police. Hence, do not forget to bring your driver’s license and other documents regarding your motorbike. If you rent a motorbike for your adventure, feel free to ask the owner all the necessary documents. 

Your budget

Do you agree that money is an indispensable factor in a trip? Most notably, money seems to be much more important in a motorcycle trip when you cannot predict what will happen to prepare carefully before that. Thus, check out your budget before starting a motorbike journey so that you can deal with unexpected things timely. 

Noticeable Things Before Planning A Safe Trip On Your Motorcycle

Your Route

I bet that no one wants to get lost during their trip. Therefore, planning the route before starting a trip is necessary.

For example, list some destinations that you desire to visit. Then, find out the most suitable route for your trip, including which one is the nearest and the furthest, and where you want to take a rest.

Mapping out a route will help you save time, money, and fuel for your trip.

The Weather

Once you want to take an exciting motorcycle trip, only adventurous routes can make you satisfied and motivated. Also, these routes are rough and full of obstacles that you cannot measure precisely. For this reason, it is a must to check out the weather first to avoid the worst situation while traveling.

Don’t hesitate to delay your adventure if the weather is too bad to go, especially on rainy or stormy days. Besides, it is impossible to travel if the weather is too hot. 

Where To Experience The Best Motorcycle Tours in Vietnam?

Ma Pi Leng Pass

When it comes to one of the most beautiful and scenic roads in the North of Vietnam, Ma Pi Leng Pass must be mentioned. 

If I only have a word to describe the beauty of Ma Pi Leng Pass, it must be the word “perfection”. But do you know the reason why? 

Well, thousands of fascinating landscapes hidden along the Ma Pi Leng Pass are waiting for you to conquer on a motorcycle. 

The most typical image of this pass is the Nho Que River. Standing on Ma Pi Leng Pass, you can contemplate the truly incredible beauty of this river along with vast forests and rocky mountains. 

As an adventurous traveler, you should not miss the chance to visit this magnificent landscape.

Khau Pha Pass

Missing Khau Pha Pass on your Vietnam motorcycle tours will be your biggest mistake ever.  

Khau Pha Pass lies in the middle of a highland circled by countless mountain chains. Lying in the forest, these winding roads are very pristine. Especially, the terraced fields grown by H’Mong and Thai ethnic groups are the gorgeous landscapes that everyone wants to contemplate. 

Khau Pha Pass is definitely born for motorcycle tours as its beauty makes adventurers desire to conquer and enjoy by themselves. Of course, a car or bus trip cannot suit your demand indeed.  

Hai Van Pass

Of all the beautiful and scenic winding roads in Vietnam, Hai Van Pass is a must-have name. 

Hai Van Pass is the perfect mixture of misty mountains, forests, deserted sandy beaches, along with the bright lights of Da Nang city at night. Once coming here, you will feel like getting lost in a breathtaking valley and do not want to get out. 

And it is not an exaggeration to say that its spectacular scenery makes visitors speechless. In other words, it is absolutely a must for you to visit this mesmerizing road in Vietnam. 

Most notably, what would be better than having Vietnam motorcycle tours here? The wind blows through your hair, bringing you the most comfortable feeling ever. 

Coastal Roads In Binh Thuan

Of those winding roads surrounding mountains above, the coastal route in Binh Thuan is a far more rewarding, and relaxing one to travelers. Any adventurer who has set foot on this scenic land all agrees that it is worth a visit.

Only when you come here, and conquer one of the most beautiful roads in Vietnam by yourself, you will not feel regretful. Especially, DT 716 is the most famous road that you cannot miss during your trip. 

Although these roads are not too rough to conquer, you still find the feeling of pride and happiness while traveling here. The sun, the blue sky, deep blue sea, and white sand all blend harmoniously together to create a picturesque landscape, making you remember forever. 

While exploring this route, you will see Bau Trang and Sand Hill – the stunning wild symbols of Binh Thuan that are regarded as deserts of Vietnam. Riding a motorbike through these roads offers you an excellent experience ever. 

Final Words

It is an undeniable fact that traveling by motorbike is exceptionally stimulating and rewarding. However, enjoying the most exciting motorcycle tours in Vietnam requires you to prepare lots of things. Hopefully, this article is useful to you. 

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