Information about Vietnam visa fee in Venezuela

Before going to Vietnam, both Venezuelan Citizens and People in other nationalities have to get a visa. In this article, we will offer you some information about Vietnam Visa fee in Venezuela.

How to apply Vietnam E-visa in Venezuela?

TIP: How to get Vietnam visa in Venezuela

Unfortunately, Venezuelan is now not in the Vietnam Visa Exemption list, so if you want to go for a trip or for business, you have to apply for a visa, no mater you are the Venezuelan Citizen live in Venezuela or other countries

Vietnam Visa On Arrival

If you are too busy to apply a visa for yourself, Vietnam visa on arrival is a convenient way to get a valid visa. This kind of visa was introduced to visitors in 2004 and soon become popular thanks for its convenience, fast-processing and simplicity. It takes you about 2 working days to have Vietnam visa, just by staying at home, accessing the Internet and applying Online!

There are 3 simple steps that travelers have to complete to get a visa on arrival to Vietnam:

  • Fill out the online application form for Vietnam visa and make payment of service fee;
  • Wait and get visa approval letter delivered to email together with detailed guide to get visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam airport;
  • Show passport, Vietnamese visa application form (formerly referred as entry and exit form), two photos and stamping fee to the Immigration Officer at the Landing Visa/VOA counter at Vietnam airport to get visa stamped there.

If you worry about complex procedure, you can let a visa agency do it for you. They can help you to get a Vietnam Visa On Arrival easily.

vietnam visa fee in venezuela-cost

Vietnam visa fee in Venezuela

Many people who uses Vietnam visa on arrival has to pay 2 kinds of Vietnam visa fee in Venezuela:
1. Service fee (also called visa approval letter process fee): this is the fee to pay to the agent (which help you get a Vietnam visa) to process your visa application with the Vietnam Immigration Department and deliver the visa approval letter issued by the Department to your email. This fee depends on what kind of visa you need, how many candidates in your groups, and time interval you want to use, and its detailed are clearly stated for each nationality. Please choose your nationality in top of this page for such details about Vietnam visa cost.
2. Stamping fee: is ruled by the Immigration Department and the rate of stamping fee is publicly announced at any legal Governmental website and on the landing visa counter at any international airport. You can pay this fee directly to the Immigration Department ‘s officer at landing visa desk by cash (in USD or VND) and receive the red bill for this fee.
References cost:
US$25 for one entry visa;
US$50 for a multiple entry visa valid for up to three months;
US$95 for a multiple entry visa valid for up to six months;
US$135 for a multiple entry visa valid for up to a year.

Apply for visa to Vietnam

Instead of applying Vietnam Visa Online, you can get Business Visa by yourself at Vietnam Embassy in your local living.

Embassy of Vietnam in Venezuela

Vietnamese Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela
Address: 9na Transversal, Entre 6ta y 7ma Avenidas, Quinta Las Mercedes, Altamira, Chacao 1060-025 D.F,
Caracas, Venezuela
City: Caracas
Phone: (+58) 212-6357402
Fax: (+58) 212-2647324
Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 9.00am – 12pm

How to get a Vietnam Visa

Citizens of Venezuela or people who live in Venezuela can also come to the embassy or consulate of Vietnam in Venezuela to apply the Visa.

Documents requirement

Below are some required documents you should prepare:
1. Original, signed Venezuelan passport with a minimum of 6 months of remaining validity.
2.  Passport-type photograph: two photos sized 4 x 6cm (taken within 6 months and without glass wearing)
3.  Business Letter: A business letter from either the sending company in the Republic of Venezuela or sponsoring company in Vietnam. The letter ought to be printed on company letterhead stationery, addressed to the Embassy of Vietnam, and signed by a senior manager (an appreciate Vice-President or above). Business letters from Venezuelan companies ought to adhere to the subsequent guidelines:
• Briefly introduce the applicant (please specify employment status/position which is held in the company by applicant).
• State the character of the business to be conducted (for example: business meeting, contract negotiations,…) and the names and addresses of corporations to be contacted in Vietnam.
• Specify the kind and desired validity of the visa (i.e. one year multiple entry Vietnam business visa).
• Guarantee of comfortable funds for travel.
We hope with this article, you have enough information about Vietnam visa fee in Venezuela and have your own opinion when choosing a way to get a Vietnam Visa!

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