Visa-free travel between Vietnam and Chile – Exención de visado entre Vietnam y Chile

Starting from August 11, Vietnamese and Chilean holders of ordinary passports will not need to apply for visa when traveling between the two countries following an agreement signed between the two countries on October 17, 2016.

Vietnam visa for Chilean citizens – Visa de Vietnam para ciudadanos chilenos

Address of Vietnam Embassy in Chile – Dirección de la Embajada de Vietnam en Chile

Vietnam visa fee for Chile citizens – Tarifa de visa de Vietnam para ciudadanos de Chile

Holders of ordinary passports with a validity of at least six months are subject to a visa-free stay shorter than 90 days.

The visa waiver will not apply to those wanting to stay for more than 90 days or wanting to stay in the foreign country to do business.

Previously, Vietnam allowed tourists from 23 countries and territories to enter and stay in the country without a visa. Since February 1, the Government has started the pilot issuance of e-visas for travelers from 40 countries in Asia, Europe and America.

E-visas are now accepted at 28 border gates, including eight by air, 13 on land and seven on sea.

Vietnam visa for Chilean citizens – Visa de Vietnam para ciudadanos chilenos
Passengers wait to complete immigration procedures at Tan Son Nhat International Airport in HCMC

Exención de visado entre Viet Nam y Chile

Desde el 11 de agosto de 2017, los vietnamitas y chilenos portadores de pasaporte ordinario no necesitarán solicitar visa para viajar entre los dos países en base del acuerdo firmado el 17 de octubre de 2016 entre Viet Nam y Chile.

Portadores de pasaporte ordinario con validez de al menos 6 meses pueden entrar por turismo por 90 días sin visado.

La exención de visado no se aplica a los que quieren permanecer más de 90 días o para aquellos que viajan con motivo de negocio.

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